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Back stretcher and spine corrector

Back stretcher and spine corrector

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  • Correct posture, restore spine curvature and relieve back pain and encourage muscle activation ,end  the misery of back, neck, and shoulder pain Scientifically engineered to create a gentle stretching position that helps restore the backs natural curvature and support you towards a healthier upright posture & pain-free living.

1. Three levels of adjustment: three levels of adjustable angles, the back arch angle can be adjusted as needed to meet the needs of waist training

2. Function: Equipped with 88 massage points corresponding to the body acupoints. It can massage the lumbar spine when stretched, and can correct the sitting posture when sitting.

3. Material used: made of high-quality ABS plastic, environmentally friendly, tough and tough, pressure resistant, compact and portable design, easy to carry

4. Matching use: There is a soft sponge pad in the middle, which can cushion the impact and provide better protection for the waist

5. Applicable places: Whether lying down or sitting, you can use this massager, suitable for home, office, car.

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